Friday, February 6, 2009


She breathed life into me and gave me a chance to live.
She smiled at me whenever I cried,
And sang sweet lullabies.
I learned to walk holding her hand
And she let me go so I could learn to be my own.
She never was selfish,
But took pride in everything I did .
She made sure I had everything that I needed,
Though I never told her that I needed them.
She taught me the joy of living with the family,
And patience which is incomparable to anything.
I never really understood her love when I was with her,
When she didn’t seemed to be doing anything my way.
But it was the tears in her eyes that made me realize so many things.
Yet she loved me so much with all her heart.
She hides her pain just to make us feel comfortable,
And always wishes the best for me in my life.
She is just a call away though we are miles apart,
And I can tell her all my dreams and schemes.
She always wishes that I grow up to be a fine lady,
And live a better life than she ever did,..
If I am the woman I am today its because of her..
And I am proud to say that I call her,
My MOM….


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life - an unending journey...

A long way to go,like the horizon you’ll never know
Where it starts nor where it ends!!
As we journey through this never ending road ,
The wind blows on our faces making us feel good.
At times, we have to pass through tunnels, which darkens our lives,
But always remember that every tunnel leads to a brighter side.
The speed breakers, which makes us to pause and think
And not to make hasty decisions.
The signs that show us the right way to go in order to reach our destination.
Some people who cross our lives!!
And the milestone we look at, to see how far we have been through
And yet to go.
But when we come out of all the obstacles and reach our destination,
It just feels so good .
And we become stronger than ever,
And the best part is that…
We never are afraid to head for the road again!!!......


Friday, January 30, 2009

One journey....Different destinations

A morning so bright ,I woke up with a smile,
I stood infront of the mirror in my pretty pink dress admiring myself .
I grinned when I saw my dad watching me.
He stretched out his arms and I ran to him ,when he gave me mr.bear,
And kissed me softly.
I hurried everyone to the car and mom was still not satisfied with what we had taken.
A long journey awaited us and I was so excited.
We left home ,but I always wished my brother would have come.
One hour into the journey, my dad entertained us all.
We couldn’t stop laughing.
I closed my eyes slowly to rest as I saw my dad smiling at me.
And I was sleeping peacefully.
But all of a sudden there was a very loud noise,
And everyone was screaming.
I couldn’t scream when I realized that I was thrown out of the car.
I saw people rushing..
With those feeble eyes I tried to look for my family ,
But I couldn’t move.
My mom opened the door and fell out ,
Was glad she was alive..
I tried calling my dad but I knew he couldn’t hear me.
I suddenly saw him lying down.
He turned his head towards me and the sun glowed on his face.
With a loving smile he called me,
I crawled like a child with pain to reach him.
He held my hand and gave me mr.bear and kissed my hand.
Goodbyes were spoken,
And a tear slid past his eyes,
The pain ended and he left me..
Releasing him to Gods embrace.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was wondering what this word means!! It just took few seconds to understand the synonym of this word, as in “A store house to store bulk amount of goods”…but it just took me a second, to see through this word and come up with an alternate definition….
Here it goes……………….

We are the "STORE HOUSES OF GOD" .
Whenever we “GO DOWN” in any area of our lives,
Always remember that,”GOD OWNS” you,
He is right there to lift you up
And give you a whole new life,
A whole new experience!.


Sunday, January 11, 2009


We met through the tunes of music.
You walked into my life, like the sun that brightens everyday of my life.
I woke up hearing your voice and went to bed with the lullabies
I felt my whole life was perfect with this perfect man I knew.
Years rolled by and we knew we would make it.
It didn’t matter if we met each other often or strolled for a long walk on the beach,
Moonlight walks or candle light dinners.
Miles apart we would look at the moon and still enjoy the closeness…
Everything seemed fine and my life was still in tune.
One cold September morning, it was music that made you to go even farther,
It brought my life down but you lifted it up with these simple words,
“Wait for me and we will be together forever,
This wait is going to be worth it”.
I lived by your word and months passed ,
But soon everything seemed to fade out.
There was silence from your side
And I knew something was wrong,
But this time I soon realized…
I was in a mess, trying to mend the pieces of my broken heart..
Yet I still love you with every piece of it..
And why…..
Because you chose to walk out my life ..just to walk into HERS!!


Friday, January 9, 2009

"Somewhere in the crowd"

Its time to close my eyes but its you what I last think about,
I entered into this magical world, where You were with me.
We sat on a lonely bench with a crowded street infront of us,
People were walking ,so busy with their lives that they never had time for their loved ones.
You turned to me with that loving smile with your arms around me,
And promised never to be like them.
The time I spent next to you holding your hand and looking into your eyes,
Those loving words you spoke to me.!!I never could take my eyes of you.
I remember how I thanked God deep down inside my heart for this wonderful creation of His.
Time flew and I loved spending each and every second with you.
But all of a sudden I saw a bright light .
I couldn't see anything around me but the brightness.
Suddenly it seemed like years have rolled by,
I feared that I had lost you when I could feel my hands.
I looked next to me but you were not there.
As I sat there confused,
The street was getting crowded again.
And I saw you walking with them.
I shouted your name aloud when you seemed to walk past me..
I ran to reach you,I ran infront of you, waving my hands telling you who I was..
And how much I love you and you mean to me.
But you never seemed to notice me..
I sat there again and waited for you each day.
Yet I never gave up.
Hoping that someday you will look my way.
Then it was time that I woke up.
I did not smile and sigh with a relief that it was just a dream,
Instead I was happy that I got to spend time with you,
And spent another day telling my love to you.
And there I was lying down with my eyes opened for another hour,
Thinking about the day you would smile at me,
Which would mean the world to me..!!!